Welcome to the glQiwiApi documentation!#

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glQiwiApi 2.x has breaking changes. It breaks backwards compatibility by introducing new breaking changes!


  • It’s working faster than other async wrappers for qiwi and yoomoney see here

  • Obviously, it’s asynchronous

  • Fully supports qiwi apis: qiwi-maps, bills, wallet and also yoomoney

  • Provides support of polling and webhooks for QIWI as well as possible

  • Furnishes many utils and extensions such a pydantic support, code coverage not less than 80% and many other handy things

  • Full compatibility with static type checking(mypy)

Quick example#

import asyncio

from glQiwiApi import QiwiWallet
from glQiwiApi.qiwi.exceptions import QiwiAPIError

async def print_balance(qiwi_token: str, phone_number: str) -> None:
    This function allows you to get balance of your wallet using glQiwiApi library
    async with QiwiWallet(api_access_token=qiwi_token, phone_number=phone_number) as w:
            balance = await w.get_balance()
        # handle exception if wrong credentials or really API return error
        except QiwiAPIError as err:
    print(f"Your current balance is {balance.amount} {balance.currency.name}")

asyncio.run(print_balance(qiwi_token="qiwi api token", phone_number="+phone_number"))